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Professional services providers excel at their craft, focused on and dedicated to meeting the unique needs of their clients. As a professional services firm and also serving this sector, we realize on the other hand that not all companies are able to be equally focused on 经营他们的生意. 诸如战略规划之类的问题, 内部控制, 财务预测, and growth initiatives are often not their strengths.

This is when it makes sense to develop a team of trusted advisors, including accounting and business advisory firms. The bt365游戏 专业365游戏 Industry Group has provided audit, 税, and business advisory services to architects, 工程师, 医生, 律师, and other professional service providers for more than two decades. 作为一个大型, 独立的, growth-directed professional services firm, we have worked hard to establish best practices in talent development, 市场卓越, 盈利增长, 合并识别与整合, and customer and employee retention for ourselves as well as for our clients. We have a firsthand understanding of the importance of growing a business.

提供全面365游戏的公司, bt365游戏 is able to meet our clients’ needs from inception through growth cycles and economic declines with a focus on strategic business management. Working with bt365游戏’s dedicated professionals, you will benefit from our knowledge and guidance, helping you focus on profitability without sacrificing the basics of your ultimate success: your own passion for, 的经验, 对客户的奉献.



  • 会计支持
    • 月度财务报表
    • 外包管理员职位
    • 时间和计费系统支持
  • 达成一致的过程
  • Audits of financial statements and qualified plans
  • 内部控制评估
  • 战略咨询
    • Alignment of firm strategic objectives with vision and values
    • Annual budgeting and 财务预测
    • Benchmarking and key operational analyses
    • 企业发展咨询
    • 企业接班人计划
    • 合作伙伴薪酬方案设计
    • 合作伙伴解决冲突
    • 盈利能力改善
  • 软件选择咨询:
    • Ajera
    • 狼的分析
    • 法学博士
    • ω
    • Quickbooks
    • Rippe金斯敦
    • 圣人
    • 选项卡
  • Strategic planning and retreat facilitation
  • 税务筹划及申报