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Historic Tax Credit Services Group

Private sector investors have long appreciated the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program and welcome comparable state historic 税 incentive programs, available in both Louisiana and Texas. 然而, the many credit programs available involve complex application and renewal requirements at both the federal and state levels.

Helping you successfully navigate these complexities is the work of our Historic Tax Credit Services Group. We can put our valuable experience with the operation and structure of historic 税 credit transactions to work for you. And when historic 税 credit audits are required, we can perform them for you as well. You can put your trust in our multidisciplinary professionals, who include a master of laws in 税ation and juris doctor, 注册会计师, 经认证的商业评估者, 经认证的估值分析师, and a master analyst in financial forensics.

Our clients value our knowledge of the state and federal qualifications for expenditures that will qualify for credits and our familiarity with the processes and best practices for preparing cost projections. They particularly value our access to national resources through our alliance with one of the largest independent accounting and business advisory firms in the country.



  • Historic credit cost certifications and examinations
  • Historic credit cost projections and reasonableness opinions
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    • 分配
    • 营运协议检讨